Acer Aspire One: D2D Recovery Partition Works

I had the unfortunate opportunity to test out the recovery partition on my Acer Aspire One recently.

I was using the machine with the battery life coming to an end, had to use the bathroom, and when I returned the machine was off. I just assumed it went into hibernation, and threw it in my backpack for later. 2 days later, after recharging the battery, attempted to restart the machine, only to be greeted by a symphony of error messages, all saying the same thing, Windows could not start (specifically hal.dll was corrupt).


I’ve never had luck with the recovery partition. Usually if I had to recover a hard drive, whatever horrible event has occurred has either rendered the HDD completely useless, or has corrupted the recovery partition too. So I pressed Alt-F10 with some trepidation, and to my pleasant surprise, the recovery process worked smoothly. Took a lot less then I expected (about 30 minutes total end to end), and tweaking the machine took some time (because I never though to back up the little lappy). And nothing too valuable was lost (all my pictures were backed up, thankfully), besides a few hours of my life. Most of the time consumed was waiting for Windows Update to work its magic. Most the tweaks I had to redo I got from my AA1 tweaks blog post, with the exception of Windows TweakUI, which I use to disable the annoying habit of windows to steal focus away from the window I’m working in to whatever new annoying new window demands it.

Overall, the recovery process was pretty painless, except for the part about needing to do the recovery process. Still don’t know why it was needed, and can’t figure out if the HDD has got issues. I gave the lappy more bumps and drops while I was traveling in Peru, and she never complained before. This is the first time I’ve run the battery down to zero, tho (didn’t recharge it for an entire week). Perhaps the AA1 power management is not to adept at handling this important task. Can’t stress the importance of backing up your machine, tho. I’ve seen enough random HDD fails like this to know it can happen to any machine at any time.

Oh, and if you want the recovery media anyway (I certainly do), just call this number (866-695-2237) as soon as you get your machine. (via acer aspire one user forum)


3 Responses to Acer Aspire One: D2D Recovery Partition Works

  1. james says:

    That alt f10 trick worked well on my acer aspire one 8.9 with xp home! Thanks a bunch for the post

  2. Lee says:

    I know this post is over 2 years old, but since I’ve just followed your advice and resurrected an awkward Acer Aspire one with a simple “Alt F10” I just wanted to say thanks.


  3. Aspired One says:

    ditto, Thx!

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